Ladies ladies ladies please stop doing this to yourselves-
traction alopecia

the #1 killer of the black women edges.  Caused by braids that are too tight!

I know you got your hair braided before. However, if   your edges are puffy and swollen you take them out. Or do you? you leave them in only to find out that your edges are gone  after you finally decided to take them out after the damage is done.  Then after that you'd go back and get your hair braided by the same person. The reason being is because you couldn't find anyone else to do it. But.... WHYYY?? It's embarrassing to all our people when other races see us as bald headed, but most of us don't care.  They come out the house all wrong and stuff, smh. Black are known for having ugly hair  because a few simple minded women don't love themselves enough to take care of their whole well being.  They just can't comprehend the meaning of our hair being our crown and glory and that's in the bible!  So those women would rather walk around with someone else hair on  their heads instead of taking care of their own. It's way too often I hear women say they hate THEIR hair and love the weave smdh.  We gotta get it together because not only are we at the bottom of the economy, we are also below SUB standard when it comes to the beauty of our hair.  I'm not saying all black women, while we like to say they don't represent to whole race of black women.... uhh yeah we actually do. According to other races those are the face of black women and they might add that some black women have nice hair, that's not the majority.
I am speaking truth. Some of you will disagree but the majority and other races will agree.  Some of you women make the whole race of black women look bad! We are so worried about how we are treated and we do offend get mistreated, it's all in the media.  But the main solution to this is to look in the mirror (without the weave), love yourself and improve what is natural to you.  The solution  is not getting a weave to hide your flaws. I know I know, it's called "protective styling", but many of you ladies use that word out of context. Protective styles are suppose to be use to protect your hair NOT DESTROY IT.  So what are you protecting? What are you accomplishing when you get these styles that rip out your hair?  Some of you need to ask yourselves that.  Bottom line is to stop the madness, and stop hiding love yourself, build yourself up because whether you want to believe it or not we each present our people.  Love yall.