I have always been a into hair ever since I could remember.  I learned to braid at a very early age because I wanted to.  I did hair all through high school because I loved to do hair and it's something I could do to earn money to lighten the load from my parents.  I grew up understanding the difference between kinky, curly, wavy and straight hair from an early age because I learned the difference on how you were treated different based off the texture of your hair. When I was a little girl I wanted straight or wavy hair.  I couldn't accept my hair texture.  It wasn't until I became an adult that I began to see the beauty in my hair and when I learned where it came from I began to love it even more.  I won't get into all of that but I will just say that it's definitely a women's pride and glory.  I love seeing my hair in it's natural state.  Now that I think of it, when I use to relax my hair it was lifeless.  It was dead from having to conform to society's standard of beauty and the way I wanted it to be.  Now my hair have life.  I see it shine from being able to be free and do what it wants.  Kind of like anything that your release from bondage.  I have truly developed a relationship with my hair.  There are days when it wants to be left alone and there are days that it will let me play with it and try new things.  Actually what it really is, is that I found products that really work for my hair.  I am able to manage my natural kinks and curls by using the right products.  My kinks are actually not kinks anymore, my curl pattern is more defined and its now curly and coily. I did cut a lot off my hair FOR NO REASON! Because no more

what I am not going to win the battle with fairy knots.  But you know what? Now I accept them.  It comes with the territory of have natural coily curly hair.  I had some inspiration a long the way to help me take the leap to being natural.  I want to share some inspiring photos with you ladies that have helped me and gave me hope that one day I can have  the length of their hair as well.  Enjoy ladies.


Ladies ladies ladies please stop doing this to yourselves-
traction alopecia

the #1 killer of the black women edges.  Caused by braids that are too tight!

I know you got your hair braided before. However, if   your edges are puffy and swollen you take them out. Or do you? you leave them in only to find out that your edges are gone  after you finally decided to take them out after the damage is done.  Then after that you'd go back and get your hair braided by the same person. The reason being is because you couldn't find anyone else to do it. But.... WHYYY?? It's embarrassing to all our people when other races see us as bald headed, but most of us don't care.  They come out the house all wrong and stuff, smh. Black are known for having ugly hair  because a few simple minded women don't love themselves enough to take care of their whole well being.  They just can't comprehend the meaning of our hair being our crown and glory and that's in the bible!  So those women would rather walk around with someone else hair on  their heads instead of taking care of their own. It's way too often I hear women say they hate THEIR hair and love the weave smdh.  We gotta get it together because not only are we at the bottom of the economy, we are also below SUB standard when it comes to the beauty of our hair.  I'm not saying all black women, while we like to say they don't represent to whole race of black women.... uhh yeah we actually do. According to other races those are the face of black women and they might add that some black women have nice hair, that's not the majority.
I am speaking truth. Some of you will disagree but the majority and other races will agree.  Some of you women make the whole race of black women look bad! We are so worried about how we are treated and we do offend get mistreated, it's all in the media.  But the main solution to this is to look in the mirror (without the weave), love yourself and improve what is natural to you.  The solution  is not getting a weave to hide your flaws. I know I know, it's called "protective styling", but many of you ladies use that word out of context. Protective styles are suppose to be use to protect your hair NOT DESTROY IT.  So what are you protecting? What are you accomplishing when you get these styles that rip out your hair?  Some of you need to ask yourselves that.  Bottom line is to stop the madness, and stop hiding love yourself, build yourself up because whether you want to believe it or not we each present our people.  Love yall.


I have been up and down for years from having babies in between.  I am a mother of six and have two grand babies.  I think my biggest struggle is watching what I eat and feeding the babies what I know they will eat.  I can prepare separate meals for us but who really have time for that.  I like what they eat but they don't like every I have to eat to stay on top of my weight loss plan.  I need to be disciplined when I come to meal preparation.  Especially since i have recently learned that I have high blood pressure. Of course I prepare healthy meals for the babes but they like their cake and cookies too and I LOVE THOSE!  I have decided to try something new to help me get the discipline I need to do this and what I found has been truly working.  I am able to detach myself from the sweets internally with visualization of what I want to look like in the end.  I visualize myself being healthy, sexy, and beautiful with no stress.  I have learned to keep my eyes on the prize instead of living just in the moment when it come to the temptation of sweets.  For me everything is fine.  I can eat healthy for a period and then when I eat a slice of pie it throws all my prior effort out the window or does it? I also found what works is visualizing myself as I would be when I am completely where I want to be.  So inside I am this new person and on the outside I don't see what will discourage me.

I have only one life to live and I don't want to spend the majority of my years trying to watch what I eat; depressed about what I look like and want to do with my diet and so on.  We don't get to choose the body we get but this is the only one we have. We need to take care of it and we CAN improve it.  Besides this body had six beautiful babies and also branched out to two beautiful grand babies.  I want to live to see them grow and multiply.  This is not only for me it is for them as well.  Take care of yourself- live long and strong, be well my sisters.


You mean to tell me, I can have all my favorite scents, and can also have them delivered to my home!? I feel like a kid in a candy store.  Someone said it better comparing this to netflix lol.  Oh goodness thsee are some bitter sweet times we are living in.  So this is how it works: you get to date perfume and cologne before you marry them, OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME! You get a thirty 30 day supply of designer perfume for just $14.95.  WHAT!!? Check this out: they are all brand names, 100% authentic, you get to pick a new scent each month and you get a reusable white case with your first order.  I'm all in, what about you? 
Perfume addiction can be a very expensive habit.  Especially if you are anything like me, and have a perfume fetish.  That is why this is so big to me that I had to blog about it.  This is to me, like a fat kid loves cake... you what I mean? I find it difficult to commit to one, I cheat on one all the time lol.  I have to have something different every day.  It is my goal to try out all the fragrance they have. So go check out this website and see how it works and tell me if this isn't brilliant, I bet you can't !


Isaiah 3: 16,17 16 Moreover the Lord saith, Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, and walk with stretched forth necks and wanton eyes, walking and mincing as they go, and making a tinkling with their feet:17 Therefore the Lord will smite with a scab the crown of the head of the daughters of Zion, and the Lord will discover their secret parts.

Anemia and low iron is one of the main causes of thinning hair and go undetected in many women. If your hair is shedding excessively; dry, and slow growth, please go check your blood count and iron levels.  No matter how much money you spend on expensive hair products for hair growth it is not going to help if the problem in internal.  I always like to equate it to a plant.  If you add nutrients to the soil you get beautiful strong foliage.  If you neglect the soil it will deplete it's nutrients and the leaves will reflect that.


There are several causes of iron deficiency and low iron.  The #1 reason in middle age women is heavy flow of menses.  Please makes sure you find the reason women, your health and well being depends on it. It Also could be caused by stress, fibroids and/or other issues.  There is a main reason women get any of these illness and I will say it... parasites, but that is a whole other topic. If you would like me to expound more on the silent issue of parasites that we face that the medical industry want to keep as a secret from you, please comment down below and I would be more than happy to share some information with you.  So now let me get back on topic here.....

Many sisters don't pay much attention to their health and stay dreaming and coveting the other nations for being blessed with hair beauty according to THEIR own standards.  I say their own because we know we are all different, you don't have to look at us under a microscope to see that.  We have OUR own standard of beauty that is not widely accepted, but we can change that if we can love and be accepting of own beauty and not impose on ourselves the other nation's standard of beauty.

To keep my health in check and for my well-being, I do regular parasite cleanse.  I also take vitamin b12 which is good for production of red blood cells.  I take iron and because my flow is heavy around that time double up.  I take hair, skin and nail vitamins as well for the benefits and beauty.

It's time to pay more attention to our image and our health my beautiful sisters. Love ourselves as much as God loves us and know that the Most High Power made us this way for a reason and his standard of beauty is greater than all and that's all that should matter.


Learning to be gentle with your delicate hair is the #1 key rule on going natural. You don't have to splurge on expensive products to have the hair you want. I believe that is a big misconception in the natural hair community.  I admire the fact that sisters are making money promoting these hair products for companies. GET YOURS! But what does that do for the average sister's pocketbook?  You shouldn't have to be middle class or wealthy to have a head full of natural hair.  We spend way too unnecessarily on our image as it is.  Natural hair should be priceless and with out cost, but of course that isn't the reality.  We need to be responsible when it comes to our hair or else we become "product junkies", hoarders to cabinets full of useless products.  I know finding what works is always the key component, but what do we do with the products that don't work? we'll get to that.  
Good oils are always going to be pricey due to the process of producing it. What I mean by the "good oils" is the ones like cold pressed avocado (my favorite, in fact I'm almost out), grapeseed, olive, black jamaican castor, sunflower and the like.  I recommend cold press because it retains the oil's nutritional value. Even buying the name brand product line can cost a whole pay check for some.  

"So what would you recommend" one might ask.  I say first learn how to be gentle with you delicate hair.  We have developed heavy hands due to the belief that our hair is rough so we have to be rough and because of years of trying to slick down and fight kinks. I'm guilty of that. Our hair can have a mind of it's own sometime.  Trust me I know.  Days when you are in a rush, think of your hair like a baby, just because your running late for work, you wouldn't rough handle your baby just because you are late.  You would still be gentle and that would be your reason for being late.  Trust me when it comes to the hair and I see a sister with a bad hair day I completely understand.  Our hair is a reflection of how we feel.  Sometimes we just have to wrap it up and keep it moving cause it doesn't want to be bothered lol.  I highly don't recommend raking through dry kinky hair on your worst day. Put it up or wrap it up till you have time to moisturize and give it that time it need. 

Now back to the products I would like to recommend.  I believe every natural woman has heard of aussie moist and herbal essense "hello hydration".  Theses are my go to, for cowashing, leave in and deep conditioning.  The reason being is because they work!  Also they are very affordable. No, let me say this.  THEY ARE CHEAP! I like to go with what works, I get more glory in saying I use something as cheap as aussie or hello hydration saying I spent a ton on the expensive stuff.  Because it's simple and my hair looks good and it's healthy.  Some just can't believe it.  Just like I don't gravitate to apparel just because the name. That is how I am with hair products....HUMBLE.  

So what do we do with all those hair products that didn't work? Before you throw them away, let me gave you a good tip.  Trying mixing them together or with the ones that do work and see if it works after that.  Get your money's worth and use out of them still.  Well that concludes this message for my lovely natural and transitioning sistahs.  I love you all and wish you all the best on your natural hair journey.  I would like to see some of your progress.  Shoot me a comment. 


Get you some Moringa loose leaves blend it into a power watch the video to see watch to do with the powder next and best to drink in the morning and at night then watch the magic happen!


I wasn't feeling well this day, but my hair couldn't go any longer without some special attention.  I got my tired butt up and got busy.


Hi there this is me and my daughter everybody....


Lets do this together.  It's been a struggle but I am not giving up no way no how....


FOR MY WORK PLEASE CLICK ON "STYLES BY ME TAB" This is what I go through all in a days work on my boy's hair. Pray for me lol.


I also want to share this with you my sisters. Try this purifying method and watch the pound melt off. Better to drink before bed when body is about to go into resting state. Moringa does it all- purifies, detoxifies healing the body from disease and illnesses thus in return helping you lose all that dead weight. You can order Moringa online or at visit your local health food store. Get it together! I'm kidding feel better, look younger and look great!