Learning to be gentle with your delicate hair is the #1 key rule on going natural. You don't have to splurge on expensive products to have the hair you want. I believe that is a big misconception in the natural hair community.  I admire the fact that sisters are making money promoting these hair products for companies. GET YOURS! But what does that do for the average sister's pocketbook?  You shouldn't have to be middle class or wealthy to have a head full of natural hair.  We spend way too unnecessarily on our image as it is.  Natural hair should be priceless and with out cost, but of course that isn't the reality.  We need to be responsible when it comes to our hair or else we become "product junkies", hoarders to cabinets full of useless products.  I know finding what works is always the key component, but what do we do with the products that don't work? we'll get to that.  
Good oils are always going to be pricey due to the process of producing it. What I mean by the "good oils" is the ones like cold pressed avocado (my favorite, in fact I'm almost out), grapeseed, olive, black jamaican castor, sunflower and the like.  I recommend cold press because it retains the oil's nutritional value. Even buying the name brand product line can cost a whole pay check for some.  

"So what would you recommend" one might ask.  I say first learn how to be gentle with you delicate hair.  We have developed heavy hands due to the belief that our hair is rough so we have to be rough and because of years of trying to slick down and fight kinks. I'm guilty of that. Our hair can have a mind of it's own sometime.  Trust me I know.  Days when you are in a rush, think of your hair like a baby, just because your running late for work, you wouldn't rough handle your baby just because you are late.  You would still be gentle and that would be your reason for being late.  Trust me when it comes to the hair and I see a sister with a bad hair day I completely understand.  Our hair is a reflection of how we feel.  Sometimes we just have to wrap it up and keep it moving cause it doesn't want to be bothered lol.  I highly don't recommend raking through dry kinky hair on your worst day. Put it up or wrap it up till you have time to moisturize and give it that time it need. 

Now back to the products I would like to recommend.  I believe every natural woman has heard of aussie moist and herbal essense "hello hydration".  Theses are my go to, for cowashing, leave in and deep conditioning.  The reason being is because they work!  Also they are very affordable. No, let me say this.  THEY ARE CHEAP! I like to go with what works, I get more glory in saying I use something as cheap as aussie or hello hydration saying I spent a ton on the expensive stuff.  Because it's simple and my hair looks good and it's healthy.  Some just can't believe it.  Just like I don't gravitate to apparel just because the name. That is how I am with hair products....HUMBLE.  

So what do we do with all those hair products that didn't work? Before you throw them away, let me gave you a good tip.  Trying mixing them together or with the ones that do work and see if it works after that.  Get your money's worth and use out of them still.  Well that concludes this message for my lovely natural and transitioning sistahs.  I love you all and wish you all the best on your natural hair journey.  I would like to see some of your progress.  Shoot me a comment.