I have always been a into hair ever since I could remember.  I learned to braid at a very early age because I wanted to.  I did hair all through high school because I loved to do hair and it's something I could do to earn money to lighten the load from my parents.  I grew up understanding the difference between kinky, curly, wavy and straight hair from an early age because I learned the difference on how you were treated different based off the texture of your hair. When I was a little girl I wanted straight or wavy hair.  I couldn't accept my hair texture.  It wasn't until I became an adult that I began to see the beauty in my hair and when I learned where it came from I began to love it even more.  I won't get into all of that but I will just say that it's definitely a women's pride and glory.  I love seeing my hair in it's natural state.  Now that I think of it, when I use to relax my hair it was lifeless.  It was dead from having to conform to society's standard of beauty and the way I wanted it to be.  Now my hair have life.  I see it shine from being able to be free and do what it wants.  Kind of like anything that your release from bondage.  I have truly developed a relationship with my hair.  There are days when it wants to be left alone and there are days that it will let me play with it and try new things.  Actually what it really is, is that I found products that really work for my hair.  I am able to manage my natural kinks and curls by using the right products.  My kinks are actually not kinks anymore, my curl pattern is more defined and its now curly and coily. I did cut a lot off my hair FOR NO REASON! Because no more

what I am not going to win the battle with fairy knots.  But you know what? Now I accept them.  It comes with the territory of have natural coily curly hair.  I had some inspiration a long the way to help me take the leap to being natural.  I want to share some inspiring photos with you ladies that have helped me and gave me hope that one day I can have  the length of their hair as well.  Enjoy ladies.